An admin dashboard that grows with its users

Fangage · 2021
UX/UI design · web design

Fangage is a platform that solves the problem that many content creators run into nowadays: their reach on social media is dependent on mysterious algorithms, so whether their fans will actually see the content they put out is out of their control. Fangage helps creators regain that control with a platform that puts the creator in direct contact with their fans. Additional features allow creators to monetize their content, gather fan data, identify their most loyal fans, and more.

During the development of these creator platforms, Fangage identified a problem: many first-time users would not get much further than the admin dashboard, shown immediately after sign-up. I discovered in my research phase that Fangage’s sign-up process and onboarding tour was not enough to communicate clearly to users what their creator platform could do for them. When first entering the admin environment, many users were unsure of what to do and what to expect from Fangage.

The admin dashboard did little to help them at this point. It showed cards like a list of content items (that would be empty for new users), a prompt to invite friends to also use Fangage (not relevant for users who aren’t convinced yet), and a giant card containing onboarding information (that, while helpful to new users, would remain on screen even after running through the onboarding steps). In short, the dashboard showed a lot of information that doesn’t fit a starting user but isn’t relevant for advanced users either.

To set new users on the road to success, we designed a flexible dashboard that would show different information depending on the user’s place on the learning curve. To do this, I first determined what kind of information would be relevant for the different types of users.

For first-time users, the dashboard focuses on introducing the platform, guiding the use of basic features, and inspiring with examples of successful platforms. Intermediate users, who have successfully started using the platform, get a dashboard filled with introductions to advanced features, tips on how to grow their fanbase, and some helpful statistics to track their growth. The dashboard for advanced users, who have gathered a fanbase on their platform, focuses on growing and maintaining that fanbase with statistics providing insights into the platform’s growth and performance.

These goals were the starting point to build the admin dashboard evolution. By playing with background colors, size, and positioning, different elements are emphasized for every user type. The resulting dashboard grows as the user grows in creating their Fangage platform.