Adaptable Menu Board

X TU Delft · 2019
illustration · product design

Concept Store The <First> Story is a small store within the center of sports and culture. It was designed to provide a variable offer, both in the products stocked and in items on the menu. It is a hip and trendy place that appeals to students, with an interior design that is an interesting mix of rustic and industrial.

In line with the overall style, the menu board is a big chalkboard. When working at X, I helped design the menu board system to fit the chalkboard aesthetic, while the elements are still modular and easy to swap out for baristas. The solution was to create many magnetic tiles that can be arranged to dynamically set the menu, also making it easy to add or remove items from the offer. All ingredients are added on separate tiles, that were drawn by hand with chalky lines to compliment the trendy interior.